MK Dons Football Club

    MK Dons Football Club

    MK Dons Football Club 800 450 iBoardTouch

    Whether it is in a boardroom, a classroom or a changing room, there is a place for an interactive screen. After purchasing an i55 iBoardTouch, the football Team MK Dons, sat down with us to explain how valuable they have found including an iBoardTouch in the changing room.

    Rob Weaver, Head of Performance Analyst, describes how it allows for accuracy when developing tactics. Nothing is lost in translation when conveying to the players exactly what positions and style, the coach would like them to play on the field.

    As the video shows, the team were using a whiteboard which meant changes and adjustments could get messy and visually confusing. Since purchasing the iBoardTouch, last-minute adjustments, can be made easily and efficiently for all to see.

    Richie Barker, former head coach of the MK Dons describes how iBoardTouch is a tool which is used in the changing rooms up until match day. The advancement of the interactive touchscreen means that as soon as they receive opposition information, they can incorporate it on to the iBoardTouch in a matter of minutes.

    He was quick to note, the iBoardTouch is a valuable tool when working with the current intake of players. He affirmed, “The technology the children are growing up with is vitally important to their learning. The players coming up now are using this technology”

    The ease of the technology allows the players the chance to add any changes or review any tactics on their own.

    If you are interested in discussing your requirements for interactive touchscreen technology, simply email us at [email protected] and we can help put together the solution perfect for your requirements.

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