Queen Margaret Primary School

    Queen Margaret Primary School

    Queen Margaret Primary School 1024 350 iBoardTouch

    We sat down with Ashley Smith from Queen Margaret Primary School to see how he found integrating an iBoardTouch in to his Key Stage Two Classroom.

    During the conversation, Mr Smith, touched on how introducing the iBoardTouch to his year four students enabled him to develop his teaching style.

    He was quick to mention he was ‘not just sticking to the whiteboard’ elements of the screens but incorporating the additional key features which come along with the board. It is these features which allows him to make the lesson more visual and interactive for the class. He touched upon his lesson plans and how they have changed since incorporating the iBoardTouch in to his classroom stating “It challenges me when I plan my lessons”. One of the first things he takes in to account when planning his lessons is how he is able to incorporate the iBoardTouch, along with the entire IWB Pro Software, in to his lessons. This is quite different to how he had previously planned his lessons. Unsurprisingly, he is not the only teacher to say this.

    Staff are able to see the impact of including iBoardTouch technology in the classroom: …”It allows the children to interact and bounce ideas off each other…”

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