Video Conferencing and Collaboration

Talk, Listen and Collaborate all with the same software. Multi-platform support means Windows, Apple and Android users can take part.


Decide when to hold your session

VCC will email your participants details of the session and a link


Set permissions for each participant

Decide if they can listen, watch, talk and actively collaborate on screen


Joining is easy

Participants just click the link to join as arranged

A simple interface

No need for a separate conferencing system or phone calls. Listen, talk, see and collaborate with each other all through VCC!

The easy interface shows the host in the top left hand side of the VCC bar, and the participants directly below (with a scrolling bar).

Share your desktop

A powerful screen-share feature where the host can come away from the main session t work outside the VCC software and allow participants to see what they are doing on their screen.

Screen-share means you are not limited to working within the software by navigating anywhere on your device and share content with participants.

mouse pointer icon

Use whiteboard pens and tools

A simple yet powerful interactive board is also integrated with a colour pallet, pens, drawing tools, shapes for meetings, presentation and teaching allowing users to share their ideas and concepts.

Collaborate and review documents

Collaborate on documents in real-time with other users, mark changes on a variety of document formats directly (Word, Excel, images, X-rays and many more). Participants can use the interface to collaborate on documents and concepts, thereby allowing enhanced interactive learning and collaborative working.

document review icon

Record sessions easily

At any point the host can also choose to record the session to use as a resource later or forward the absentees. Recorded sessions capture both audio and video so that means the recorded conference can be easily used to explain any decisions made during the session or upload the content to the resource bank.

record sessions icon

Cloud storage and virtual network

Store your files on your online encrypted repository and have access to your files 24 hours a day – 365 days a year, from anywhere in the world.

iBoardTouch Cloud Storage allows you to manage your files efficiently, you can send multiple attachments with a single click without the need to drag and drop multiple files into the body of an email.

Any new files shared with you by other users on your network are highlighted in the share folder in your repository.

cloud storage screen

We’ve all attended cramped assemblies, using VCC means students can remain seated in their classrooms, minimising disruption and noise. They can be monitored by the classroom teacher and watch the assembly on the touchscreen in the classroom.


In instances where poor weather or other unforeseen circumstances mean that classes cannot be conducted as usual, VCC can be used, students can still interact and collaborate during remote teaching.


VCC can be used to provide distance learning. Students log on at the set time and can watch, listen and actively participate in the session (the presenter can set the permissions easily).


VCC can be used to conduct virtual meetings, saving time and money on travel. You can hold meetings at short notice whilst still ensuring you meet quorum. Participants can easily contribute to documents being discussed, annotating them easily with the annotation tools included.

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